Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blast off

Welcome to The Dove, a free sci-fi-story written in verse. To read more about this project, head over to the About page (link on your right). Or start reading right away either by downloading the PDF directly, or by viewing it on-line (both links over to right as well).

At this moment, The Dove is just a book, but I would like to expand that little universe with the help of others. If you read the book you'll notice that there are several things left unexplained; what is techno-faith? What does Earth look like? Why do they travel to another planet? What does the Dove look like? What does father Roberts chanting sound like? And what is the deal with "Northern Europia"?

The license encourages others to fill in these gaps. If you do, please contact me (either by mail or by writing in the comments section below) so that I can put it up here! Head over to the Resources page for more stuff to work with (I'll update it accordingly).

If you have any questions or (preferably) opinions about this book, feel free to comment!